7 December 2018 | Stuttgart, Germany
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7 December 2018
Stuttgart, Germany


European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions

Founded by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum and now conducted by the Steinbeis 2i GmbH Women4Energy is established in the frame of InnoEnergy. The network has the goal to connect women from all backgrounds and working cultures in the energy related sectors to enhance knowledge transfer and market access for new products and services needed to answer the energy challenges of our society.

At the same time W4E gives visibility to women in the energy sector, encouraging young women to engage in this important research and working field to join forces for a better and more sustainable future. Women4Energy believes in the power of diversity and mixed teams to exploit the full potential of creativity and inspiration.

As a major part of the network, the International Women4Energy Conference takes place once a year. The conference gives a platform for women of the W4E network and of course for all women working in energy-related fields. On 7th December 2018 the 6th International Women4Energy Conference took place in Stuttgart, Germany.

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